Porch Host Spotlight #1

It’s so exciting to begin sharing the porch hosts! These are great people who have a great attitude and love to participate in creating community. Like the Performer page, we’ll reveal one host each day. We also have a special surprise that you’ll begin to see here next week, an artistic collaboration between an illustrator and a photographer…




1 -What got you interested in PorchFest? What do you think about it?

When we moved to Kendall Yards we made a commitment to be involved in our community, West Central.  When we were approached to host our porch, it was an easy “yes”!  What better way to bring people together than with music?  Our hope is that PorchFest becomes an annual event.


2-  What is “community”? How do we build it? Does it happen automatically or does it need catalysts?

Community is the relationships and interactions of its people. It’s celebrating together, solving problems together, listening to one another and offering a helping hand.  We can build it by being intentional and committed to connecting with our neighbors and surrounding neighborhoods.
It doesn’t happen automatically.  It takes people.


3- Why should people come to the event?

Simply stated, good people…good music… and an opportunity to build community togetherness.


© Marshall E. Peterson Jr.

Performer Spotlight #3

We continue with our series spotlighting PorchFest’s performers. We hope you get a chance to drop by on Sat the 13th, but in case you don’t, you can learn about a new musician and hear her thoughts on PorchFest and community…”


Dry and Dusty – Duet – Old Time Music

Bio: Dry and Dusty grew up playing music with their family, hiking around in the desert singing cowboy songs, and learning the old tunes from their extended family at festivals and camps.




Talk to us a bit about community, about yourself as an artist, and about PorchFest, please…

“I’ve always loved playing music on my front porch, so it’s fun that there is a music festival that’s creating a more intimate and welcoming way for people to hear and play music. When you play on a stage, there is a definite division between the audience and the performer, and each has their predetermined role. Playing in a different setting (like a porch) can be really freeing for everyone involved- there’s more human connection, and it’s ultimately a richer experience.”

Performer Spotlight #2

PorchFest is about building community first and foremost, but it’s hard to do that without the perfect excuse – music! “Did you hear that? Sounds like someone’s playing over at Janet’s house; let’s go check it out!”


MELE POLINAHE – Duet – Hawaiian Traditional

Bio:Jesse Tinsley and Steve Riggan play old, old-style Hawaiian music. The music has the simplicity of Hawai’I culture, influenced by swing, jazz, country and oldtime music. Jesse is part native Hawaiian via his mother. Steve has Hawaiian family by marriage. Together they play guitar, ukulele and steel guitar and are joined by a variety of friends and family.




1 -What got you interested in PorchFest? What do you think about it?

Music, both playing and listening, brings people together. It’s a social magnet, allows people to enjoy each other’s company while enjoying the music.  I want to be a part of that. Hawaiian music is often only background music, which is fine with me. The more people connect, the stronger our community can be.


2- How often do you get over to West Central? What brings you over?

Kendall Yards, for cool eats or just to walk the trail along the gorge, is a huge draw for me and my family, even though we are southsiders.


3- What is “community”? How do we build it? Does it happen automatically or does it need catalysts?

Community is about knowing your neighbors, finding common interests and values and using that feeling of belonging to motivate you to give back.


4- What have you done to build community? What else would you like to do?

I try to be the best neighbor I can be. I use my talents to help neighbors, whether its helping elderly neighbors with yard work, playing music at nursing homes and local events or volunteering at gatherings like Unity in the Community.


5- What do you hope to accomplish at PorchFest? What do you want to help PorchFest accomplish?

Music isn’t about what I want to play. The challenge is the playing what people want or need to hear at the right time. I hope that while we’re playing music, people will feel comfortable enough to chat with their neighbors.


6- Why should people come to the event?

People should spend one of the summer’s last warm evenings visiting their neighbors, making connections and enjoy the music as a group activity.

Performer Spotlight #1

One of the most exciting things about PorchFest is getting to know the performers – not just their genres or influences, but how they feel about community because this isn’t just a music festival, it’s a community-building event.

Let’s start with MADELINE – Solo Act – Jazz/Blues/Opera

Bio: Madeline McNeill is a singer/songwriter who combines a variety of music genres including jazz, blues, and opera to craft her unique performances in and around Spokane. She studied opera at Western Washington University and has since become a writer, philosopher, and a musician with a passion for playing music in a variety of spaces from the porch to the campfire to the concert hall.




Talk to us a bit about community, about yourself as an artist, and about PorchFest, please…

“I love the idea of playing live music in spaces were music is not normally played. Music inspires a range feelings, and put in a new space, can effectively break up blandness and breathe new life. I used to busk downtown and in front of businesses because it was fun to break the boring bustle of people striving to get to the next destination. I’d play and an adult would smile and fall in step with the rhythm. Kids would dance. Playing on porches evokes the same feeling for me. I see Porchfest as a gentle revolution against the monotonous culture of living in a quiet neighborhood where people don’t know who lives next door. Playing on porches gets everyone outside and celebrating the shared space where people live their lives, together.”