Today’s the day and Spokane’s the place! I’m back after a long absence and excited to be here!

Like many people, I left Spokane soon after I graduating from high school (Ferris). I wanted to get out into the world – to see, smell, taste and touch all that was out there.

I did that. It was awesome, awe-inspiringly awesome! But I’ve done it. Check it off the bucket list.

Spokane is my home again and I’m thrilled about getting to get to know every inch of it. To do large-scale projects, yes; more books and exhibitions, yes; but also to get out into Spokane homes and capture people at their best. And to leave them with a piece of custom art that captures a moment in time and that lasts forever.

I’m delighted to be back in what I see as a fresh and hopeful Spokane, a vibrant city full of cultural attractions. I see First Friday, I see Terrain, I see the Visual Arts Tour, I see Kendall Yards, the South Perry District, Downtown, the U District; I see the Bing, the Fox, Saranac, Main Market, the Community Bldg., Boots Bakery, and I feel elated!

I will also begin to play a role in what I would dub the Spokane Renaissance, producing positive and powerful projects that will promote all the awesome stuff happening in the city, as well as the people behind, in, and around it (check out

I will be putting a wide range of skills in organizing, promotion, communication and leadership to use here in Spokane. I will mentor other artists, especially younger photographers, helping them to grow and pushing them to get out there and get show their work.

If you’re fired up about Spokane and want to work together, please get in touch.



email:       cell phone: (509) 270-5804

Photo Credit: William Andrew Barringer