MARYOUWP2I love meeting new people, putting you quickly at ease and working together to create beautiful, long-lasting heirlooms. My camera has taken me to some unbelievable places where I’ve met some amazing, amazing people. I’ve got a million stories to tell you – I look forward to hearing your’s as well!

I’m a positive and energetic person, especially under challenging conditions. The smile you see on my face in the photo below is the same smile that you’ll see from start to finish. Please check out the “Testimonials” section for proof of this.

As an accomplished, professional photographer, you can count on me to arrive on time and prepared to make the most of our time together. As a former teacher, am able communicate clearly with dozens of people at the same time and make the entire process enjoyable and fruitful.

In general, it goes like this:

Step One:  You call or email me. We get to know each other a bit and settle on a date for the consultation.

Step Two:  We meet in person and talk about expectations for the session. I share some of the thousands of images I’ve shot and we talk about what you like/don’t like. We set a date and place and talk about what needs to happen to make the session an absolute success.

Step Three:  We shoot the session.

Step Four:  We meet to chose which photos we will print up and at what sizes.

Step Five:  I give the images to you to mount on your wall and you write up an awesome testimonial for me. Then you talk to your friends about how much fun you had and encourage them to hire me.

I’m excited to hear from you!

email:                              cell phone: (509) 270-5804

Photo Credit: William Andrew Barringer