• I’ve worked with the prestigious Guadalajara International Film Festival as well as the incomparable Berlinale (Berlin International Film Festival) where I was the only non-European photographer working with the festival. Among the Hollywood stars I’ve shot portraits of are John Malkovich and Keanu Reeves. I have appeared on a regular basis during the last several years in all mass media – on television, radio, and in newspapers – talking about photography-based projects and helping newer photographers to succeed.
  • I want my projects to be seen by as many people as possible and to that end I’ve appeared regularly on television, radio, and in newspapers throughout Latin America (and available in the States), promoting my work (as well as the work of others) and energizing the next generation of photographers. Well-aware that museums and galleries capture the attention of a only a select few, I’ve shown more than seventy times during the last few years, usually in uncommon spaces – music, youth, and cultural festivals, public spaces, corridors and classrooms of universities and high schools, parks, and even in the street – printing on uncommon materials (and lately showing on massive video screens), sharing my unique ways of self-expression and generating new fans for photography in the process.


  • Named by local press, “THE photographer of Rock in Guadalajara” and “the official photographer of the alternative scene”, Marshall is also the author and creative director of various publications: Rock Tapatío – Live! Images for a New Century and Smoke Tapatio: the Catalogue, both making history in the world of music photography: RT the first all live music photography book in the history of Mexico and ST the first catalog of its kind, based on the event broadcast live on tv and radio. Rock Gallery Live was another first, taking an exhibit based on Rock Tapatío on tour, showing in universities throughout Mexico and taking important bands with him, playing after his chat Techniques of Successful Artists (and People). He is available for speaking engagements in English and Spanish and soon in French.
  • Marshall was the opening artist in three new galleries, two in Mexico (LARVA (downstairs) & CUCEA) and one in Germany (JOMO) and curated the opening of another (LARVA (upstairs)). His photos have been published in newspapers such as PúblicoMuralRécord, and El Solnational film & music magazines such as Indie Rocks!, WARP,24/Segundo, and önderfilm as well as Spain’s premiere newspaper El Pais. He has worked for prestigious festivals such as the Berlin International Film Festival and the Guadalajara International Film Festival; many of his portraits of European, Mexican and Hollywood stars, directors, and producers are the definitive photos in Wikipedia, Wikimedia & bing.com. He has set the bar high in Guadalajara, Mexico, a city of six million and one of the most important cultural centers in all of Latin America and looks forward to seeing the next generation of photographers capitalize on his success. Marshall has been invited to show in various parts of Europe as well as North and South American and will make those dreams come true in the near future.